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Lamb Shank Sous Vid Wine Portabella


Pack:1 PC.

Avg Weight:


These lamb shanks come individually vacuum packed and are pre-cooked sous vide. The Cuisine Solution chefs start by seasoning premium lamb shanks with savory spices, then slow-cooking each in a classic method using red wine. The dish is finished with a luxurious and flavorful Portobello mushroom sauce.The sous vide method ensures the ultimate in flavor, texture, and nutrition. Because everything is cooked in a vacuum-sealed pouch, no nutrients or flavor can escape.

Highly recommended. Also try the Osso Bucco. They come in a two pack and are also pre-cooked sous vide. Item # 7445828P


Convention Oven: 20 minutes at 350°F
Microwave Oven: 4 minutes, Turn over, heat for an additional 3 minutes
Water Bath: 60 minutes at 145°F

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